In a momentous occasion for music enthusiasts across South Australia, Ticketmaster Australia and Tennis SA have announced the much-anticipated return of live music to The Drive.

After a hiatus of 13 years since the performance by Powderfinger, the stage is set to once again come alive with three legendary acts, Tom Jones, Incubus, and  +LIVE+, announcing they are set to perform at the iconic venue. 

The Drive has recently undergone a comprehensive $48 million redevelopment, enabling it to now host a capacity of up to 7,000 attendees. This transformation has substantially expanded the capacity, allowing them to welcome more fans to the venue than ever before.

Working alongside promoters Live Nation and Zaccaria, Sir Tom Jones will be the first to transform The Drive into a sonic haven, rekindling the magic of live music and marking a historic milestone for the city’s entertainment landscape in March 2024, followed by Incubus & +LIVE+ in April 2024.  

“It has been great to partner with AVM and Tennis SA to help bring live music back to The Drive. It is such a privilege for our team, and welcoming renowned artists such as Tom Jones, Incubus, and +LIVE+ as the inaugural performers is a fitting tribute to mark this historic occasion and this wonderful new music venue,” said Ticketmaster Australia Managing Director, Gavin Taylor.

“The anticipation among Adelaide’s fans for events of this calibre to grace The Drive once again has been incredible, and we are proud to be a part of it.”

“We are thrilled to announce the return of live music to The Drive. As part of the venue redevelopment, it has been our goal to see The Drive return to its former glory as a vibrant sporting, community and entertainment venue,” said Tennis SA CEO, Debbie Sterrey. 

“Those who have experienced the atmosphere at The Drive in the past have been waiting for the day that live music returns to the venue. We can’t wait to welcome Tom Jones, Incubus, and +LIVE+ as our opening acts.”

Live Nation will be bringing Sir Tom Jones, the living legend and international music icon, to take the stage with his timeless hits that have captivated audiences for decades. His powerful voice and charismatic stage presence will create an electrifying atmosphere at The Drive.

Presented by Zaccaria, the sensational fusion of rock styles in the double-bill featuring Incubus, renowned for their boundary-pushing musicality, and the enduring +LIVE+, now reunited with their original lead vocalist, Ed Kowalczyk, promises an unforgettable fusion of musical excellence.

The Drive will work with Live Nation, the world’s largest live entertainment company, and other content providers in the future to ensure the continuous delivery of diversified content for the venue. 

Tickets will be available for purchase via