The Australian Open has officially begun, and for the first time since 2020, the iconic Grand Slam event hasn’t faced any pandemic-related restrictions ahead of its launch. 

With no restrictions, extensive hospitality offerings, innovative ticketing options and fans who are eager to attend once again, this year is set to be the best Australian Open yet. 

This year’s main draw got underway on Monday, 16 January. The tournament has already seen record attendance across the first week, including the largest single-day attendance ever, with over 94,000 attendees on Saturday, 21 January. 

Ticketmaster and the Australian Open share a valued partnership where months of planning and collaboration ensure the ticketing of the Grand Slam is seamless and efficient.

Gavin Taylor, Ticketmaster Australia Managing Director, said ticketing events such as the Australian Open are a team effort underpinned by Ticketmaster’s planning framework. 

“We are proud to work alongside the team at Tennis Australia and help to deliver a full capacity and unrestricted event that provides the world’s best ticketing experience to fans attending the 2023 Australian Open.” says Taylor. 

The Australian Open has utilised a host of innovative Ticketmaster technology to successfully rollout the 2023 event – from ensuring fans will experience a user-friendly event discovery page and a simple ticket-buying process all the way to guaranteeing fans will enjoy frictionless entry into the Melbourne Park precinct. 

The Australian Open also continued to utilise Ticketmaster’s digital mobile ticketing – with almost every fan issued a digital ticket on their smartphone. This allows fans to use Ticketmaster’s TicketForward function, so tickets can be shared amongst fans safely and securely whilst allowing the AO to learn more about fans and their ticketing behaviours. Our digital ticketing product also allows fans to receive geo-targeted push notifications during the event, including important real-time event updates, ticketing information and upgrade options. 

Ticketmaster’s global distribution network has helped the AO reach new audiences and drive sales in international markets. With a presence in 36 countries and partnerships with world-leading distribution partners such as Facebook, Snapchat and Spotify, Ticketmaster has helped connect the tournament to a new generation of tennis fans. 

More fans than ever will enter the Melbourne Park precinct in 2023, and without limitations on the event, the AO is set to deliver the most extensive array of entertainment, activities and tennis action yet. 

The relationship between Ticketmaster Australia and the Australian Open delivers best-in-class technology to the world-renowned Grand Slam event. It ensures that every visiting fan has a seamless and memorable experience.