On Friday night, Melbourne turned green & gold as the Matildas took on France for a sell-out match in front of 50,629 die-hard fans. 

The Matilda’s played their best as they battled the world No. 5 at Marvel stadium, emerging victorious at the end of the night 1 – 0 and will go into next Friday’s World Cup opener with sky-high confidence. 

Four days prior, all available tickets were gone with fans quickly snapping them up after the announcement of the pre-World Cup clash. On the night, thousands of fans saw frictionless entry into the stadium, with Ticketmaster scanning hundreds of tickets per minute. 

Digital ticketing and a host of other innovative Ticketmaster technologies including TicketTransfer played an important role for fans leading up to the match. With fans able to easily access, transfer and have their tickets scanned from their mobile device, entry through the gates was a quick and easy experience. 

Ticketmaster’s omnichannel marketing approach helped to better understand the Matilda’s audience behaviour and preferences. This approach results in personalised messaging on the marketing channel most likely to be consumed by fans across a broad spectrum of demographics.

Combining this cutting-edge approach with Ticketmaster’s ability to reach a significant national and international audience proved to be extremely successful in driving sales, especially for those who were already in the country preparing to attend the FIFA Women’s World Cup. 

“Ticketmaster is proud to have supported such an iconic match just before the World Cup, especially in front of a sold-out crowd,” said Gavin Taylor, Ticketmaster Australia Managing Director. 

The Matildas have a dedicated fan base that are more than willing to show their support, and this was clearly exhibited through the ticket sales where demand quickly outstripped supply.” 

“We are happy to see such incredible demand for women’s football in Melbourne, and the continued support for the increased popularity of the sport. We can’t wait to support the Matildas during the World Cup!”

The relationship between Ticketmaster Australia and Marvel Stadium helps us to deliver best-in-class technology at all stadium events. It ensures that every visiting fan has a seamless and memorable experience, and the Matilda’s match was no exception.