Ticketmaster Australia is delighted to announce a new multi-year partnership deal with the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW (RAS) to continue ticketing the Sydney Royal Easter Show. 

Under the new 3-year agreement, Ticketmaster will continue to exclusively provide ticketing services for the 12-day event, which attracts around 900,000 patrons every year. 

The Show, which is run by the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW (RAS), is not only Australia’s largest annual ticketed event but also one of the most iconic and historic events. 

“The partnership with the Royal Agricultural Society of New South Wales has been incredibly valuable and we are committed to providing world-class ticketing services and solutions for such a significant Australian event”, said Gavin Taylor, Ticketmaster’s Managing Director. 

“Together we look forward to continuing our long and successful relationship with the RAS and the Sydney Royal Easter Show with a focus on delivering a seamless experience for the hundreds of thousands of fans attending every year.”

“As Australia’s largest annual ticketed event, it is imperative we are providing a high-quality ticketing system that is user-friendly for our attendees and we believe Ticketmaster can achieve this for our audience on an ongoing basis,” said Murray Wilton, Sydney Royal Easter Show and Agricultural General Manager. 

“Over the past few years, the team has continued to demonstrate their understanding of the unique complexities that come with running a multi-day event and provided proactive solutions to help drive the Show forward. This has been particularly evident throughout the various ticketing upgrades we have achieved in recent years such as the migration to online ticketing and the implementation of daily ‘dated’ tickets.

“As an organisation, we look forward to continuing to work with Ticketmaster to ensure we are delivering the best possible customer experience for our community.” 

The renewed partnership guarantees another successful ticketing experience for the Sydney Royal Easter Show, powered by Ticketmaster’s innovative technologies and the dedication of all teams involved. 

The Sydney Royal Easter Show will return in 2024, offering another year of entertainment, food, agricultural competitions, and festivities over the Easter period.