Customers who purchase tickets via Ticketmaster will now have the ability to enter venues and events via a 2D barcode that is sent directly to their mobile device. Additionally, if preferred, customers can opt to use the Print-at-Home option to pre-print tickets before arriving at the venue.

A key component of eTicket delivery is that both the mobile barcode and Print-at-Home options remain available to the ticket purchaser right up until the event. The alternate option is only voided once one entrance method has been selected which means the power is in your hands until the very last minute. This gives live event fans greater choice and flexibility to ensure they can gain access to their desired event or venue hassle free.

The eTicket delivery option will be available for selected events via Ticketmaster’s website (, mobile site and mobile app.

If a customer purchases multiple tickets, each ticket delivered to their mobile device can be viewed by swiping across the screen to reveal each individual ticket.

The additional ticket delivery method is an example of Ticketmaster’s commitment to providing efficient and flexible options for fans of live events. We are constantly seeking to improve the ticket purchase journey and ensure all customers who purchase tickets through Ticketmaster have the most up-to-date technologies and innovations at their fingertips.

It is important to note eTickets are only available at selected events and venues as infrastructure and access control equipment needs to be enabled to accept mobile entry. While many of Ticketmaster’s venue and event partners are already mobile enabled, some are not, which means eTickets will only be available on selected events in the near future. As more venues upgrade technology, more event tickets will be eTicket enabled.

So next time you are purchasing a live event ticket from Ticketmaster’s online channels, look out for the free eTicket delivery option. Getting in and out of events and venues should be easy and seamless; eTickets is another avenue for Ticketmaster to achieve this and make live events even more fun for customers and clients.