Over the past few months, we’ve been sharing how our existing technology can help event organisers return to live.

Our teams have been hard at work developing these tools, and we now have a suite of SmartEvent solutions that can help you welcome fans safely back to live events when the time is right.

“We know that fans around the world are eager to return to live events and SmartEvent gives event organisers an array of solutions to help make that possible,” Mark Yovich, President of Ticketmaster, says. 

“SmartEvent brings together our advanced technology platform and industry-leading venue and seating insights, putting Ticketmaster in the unique position to facilitate paths back to live.”  

This SmartEvent suite of tools includes a number of new technological enhancements which will be here long after this speed hump has passed. Here is a quick taste: 

  • The Socially Distanced Seating tool allows you to run a few different scenarios on your upcoming events and select what suits your needs best. These are flexible, so that if you do need to open up more seats as restrictions ease you have the capacity to do so. 
  • Entry Rate Monitoring allows you to know exactly how many people are scanning through your gates at any given moment and plan or action accordingly. 
  • Timed entry events and digital communication strategies can be implemented to stagger the arrival of patrons to your venue to reduce the risk of clustering at the gates. 
  • Customisable content pieces in our informational emails (think confirmation or event reminder emails) allow you to tailor specific messaging to your fans. 

Ticketmaster will continue to focus on developing and integrating features that help event organisers enhance every step of the fan journey, and meet the evolving needs to operate in this new environment.

If you’d like to know anything more about Ticketmaster’s SmartEvent technologies, contact your Ticketmaster representative.