We all know it, the feeling of goosebumps that rise up on your skin when your favourite artist is standing right in front of you, but now thanks to Live Nation’s Power of Live study we know just how powerful live music truly is.

Live Nation, the world’s leading live entertainment company, released an international study called The Power of Live, and it found that despite what some people might say, the live music experience is not only still a thriving rite of passage – it’s a vital part of life.

Conducted in partnership with research agency Culture Co-op, they captured the trends and behaviours of 22,500 live music fans from 11 countries, ranging in age from 13 to 65. In no surprise to us, the study revealed that in today’s digital age, live music is more necessary than ever and creates the ultimate human connection. 

Though technology has made it easier than ever to connect to people, it’s harder than ever to connect with people. 73% of 13-to-49-year-olds stated that now, more than ever, they want to experience real life rather than digital life. 71% of participants also agreed that the moments that give them the most life involve live experiences.

More than two-thirds of Gen X, Y and Z (spanning ages 13-49) reported attending at least one concert or festival each year, with a majority of those attending multiple shows.

Going even deeper, when asked what defines them most as a person, respondents said music says more about their identity than hometown, race, or religion, as well as stating they were 10% more likely to value live music over sex.

When fans were asked to reflect upon a recent live music experience and rate their level of emotional intensity on a scale from 0-10, 78% said they felt an eight, nine, or ten. That’s 26% more emotionally intense than live sporting events, 27% more intense than streaming music, and 31% more intense than playing video games. 

Outside of the initial live experience, fans are constantly engaging with music in some way and 79% of global live music goers agree that the experience extends well beyond the actual event. 69% are constantly searching for new music, 59% planned a pre- or post-event get together, and 68% shared the experience on social media. 

In summary: Live music gives us life. It’s the antidote to all the digital noise and we, as humans, will continue craving it.

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