In the final WE Nation* event for 2018, Melbourne’s Premier Drag Queen Art Simone joined WE Nation Australian chapter to discuss all things diversity, inclusion, and professional branding.

The open, honest, and hilarious conversation saw Art join the Ticketmaster team to share insight into her story – from starting out as a performer almost ten years ago to now being nationally and internationally recognised, and the challenges and triumphs that have come about along the way.

Brenton Doherty (Advanced Product Specialist on our Archtics team) moderated the discussion, helping to guide an insightful and entertaining conversation.

One of the biggest takeaways Art offered was about the way she deals with diverse audiences and people who may be initially opposed to her. Instead of fighting back and getting on the defensive, Art encouraged everyone to try and understand the situation from the other person’s point of view, and approach them with the intention of educating.

Other important insights Art shared include that saying no when you aren’t comfortable should be seen as strength and to stick to your guns when you believe in something enough.

While Art acknowledged that even though society has come a long way in the last decade, there are still people within the community who hold negative views towards diversity and inclusion. 

Ticketmaster hope that through discussions like this one, we can create a dialogue the promotes openness, inclusiveness, and self-confidence.

For more on Art Simone’s self-confidence and developing your brand tips, head over to our Ticketmaster blog

*WE Nation is one of Live Nation Entertainment’s ERGs (Employee Resource Groups). WE Nation’s mission is to connect and inspire the women of Live Nation globally by providing guidance and support to their efforts to attain fulfilling careers, balance work and life and address issues affecting women.