Ticketmaster is committed to remaining at the forefront of technology and innovation to benefit both our customers and our clients, one example of this is Ticketmaster Platinum.

Managing the entire process internally, a Ticketmaster representative sets the price of the Platinum tickets and then alters them depending on the market demand through dynamic pricing. 

What are the benefits?

Clients benefit from Platinum pricing in a number of ways, with the biggest being that you’re able to sell some of your best inventory at a price closer to the true market value. It also ensures that the most-passionate fans have the opportunity to safely and securely access the best seats for the biggest shows, with the knowledge that a share of the revenue will go back to the artist and promoter. Ticketmaster Platinum also helps to cut down on unauthorised and fraudulent secondary ticket sales, which don’t always offer safety and security for the customer. 

How big a fan are you?

An important thing to remember about Ticketmaster Platinum is that the fans set the market – if tickets are priced too high, they simply won’t sell. The flexibility in pricing means demand drives the cost and availability of premium tickets, which caters specifically to the biggest fans of each individual artist or event.

2018 success stories

P!nk’s national tour was the biggest Platinum ticket story of 2018. Boomers v USA, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, and Lana Del Ray rounded out our top five Platinum ticket success stories of the year, proving that events with large, dedicated fanbases benefit from utilising the dynamic pricing offered by Platinum ticketing.

Case Study: Ticketing Insight Report

A sold out, two theatre show run provided a great case study example for why pricing services like Platinum pricing are so beneficial. Approximately 20% of tickets were resold throughout the onsale period across all price reserves. We estimate that resellers captured $174,000 in profit from the secondary market.

This $174,000 profit is lost to the tour completely. However, had Platinum been rolled out across the event a good chunk of this money would have come back to the Venue/Promoter.

To learn more about selling Platinum on your next event or discuss the planning benefits of the Ticketing Insight Report, contact artist.services@ticketmaster.com.au