The quiz functionality is designed to engage live event fans and offer them a way to interact with Ticketmaster via the blog. The quizzes are related to Ticketmaster events and venues with the intention of promoting our clients and maximising awareness of onsales.

Every quiz also features ticket purchase links to make it as easy as possible for blog users to purchase the hottest tickets in town.

As well as being an engaging and fun activity, the quiz functionality fits into Ticketmaster’s overall SEO strategy as another form of unique content sending customers to the Ticketmaster event page. The SEO is further strengthened by the social sharing capabilities that the quizzes offer also. The stronger social interaction encourages further quiz interaction, which drives more people to the purchase page and further influences Google search results.

Recent examples of quiz topics that have appeared on the blog include One Direction, Christmas Carols, Dirty Dancing, Michael Jackson, AFL, Disney Princesses and The Beatles. Each of the above quiz posts received positive interaction from live event fans, particularly as each of our quizzes are also promoted via Ticketmaster’s social channels.

The quiz we created for The Beatles was particularly popular and received more than 200 social shares via tmBlog. This interaction was in addition to strong engagement from a Facebook post promoting the quiz that received 100-plus likes, comments and shares. The quiz was based on the Beatles but promoted a Beatles tribute act, whose tickets are on sale via Ticketmaster.

As well as standard multiple choice quizzes, the Ticketmaster blog has functionality to post polls such as ‘Which member of One Direction is your favourite?’ as well as weighted quizzes, which provide a series of questions that lead to a particular answer. An example of a weighted quiz would be ‘Which character from Mrs Brown’s Boys are you most like?’. Following a series of questions, the answers would calculate your character.

While the standard Ticketmaster blog posts are very effective, the quiz functionality adds a fun and engaging element to the blog interaction with our audience. It is another example of Ticketmaster’s commitment to providing our customers and clients with new and interesting innovations that engage live event fans and maximise awareness for Ticketmaster events.

The Ticketmaster blog team is always on the look-out for new and exciting pieces to write and post so we’d love to hear from you if you have any ideas on how we can utilise the blog to assist in promoting your events. Whether it is a quiz, poll or a standard blog post, it is a great way to get additional promotion over and above Ticketmaster’s traditional marketing offerings.

The most effective and popular blog posts are those that offer something unique such as a question and answer session with the star of the show or a behind the scenes look at the show or event. So next time you have an exciting event going on sale be sure to keep the Ticketmaster blog in mind. And the best part? You don’t even have to write it yourself. All blogs are written by Ticketmaster’s blog team to ensure maximum impact.

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