Ticketmaster has always been committed to first class customer service and embracing new technologies. Over the past few years, we have been able to combine these two values to create exceptional customer service via social media. 

Ticketmaster has had a very strong focus on servicing our customers – and by extension, our clients – through Facebook and other social mediums. 

The emergence of social media as a communications and an engagement tool has made it crucial for Ticketmaster to use these platforms to interact with our audience, particularly when they are seeking customer service.

Social media has made it easy for customers to contact companies and service providers very quickly. To ensure we are servicing our ticket purchasers appropriately, Ticketmaster has engaged highly-qualified, experienced customer service representatives to respond to Facebook enquiries quickly and accurately.

Facebook and other social media platforms are also very beneficial as they are often a good source of information during major onsales and events. Additionally, online customer service is very efficient as it is often possible multiple customers will be enquiring about the same topic, enabling us to respond once and cover many people with one response. 

The immediacy of online customer service is fantastic as it allows us to see when a customer has been assisted. They are quick to hit the ‘Like’ button when they receive good service and often they are very complimentary and appreciative of the quick response. 

Ticketmaster sees online customer service as an additional avenue for engaging and interacting with customers. We remain committed to providing world-class service through traditional methods such as telephone, via our Contact Centres in Australia and New Zealand, as well as in person at our various retail outlets and event box offices. 

As a service provider, Ticketmaster understands it is representing its clients when talking to customers and ticket purchasers. As such, we work very hard to ensure we are able to give our entire audience efficient, accurate and friendly service regardless of the manner in which they contact us. 

Given social media remains an emerging and evolving medium, Ticketmaster is working hard to stay ahead of the curve to ensure we are able to provide the best for our customers and, of course, our clients. Our customer service via Facebook is another example of our commitment to being the best in every aspect of our business. 

So next time you are online, click ‘Like’ and give Ticketmaster’s online customer service the big thumbs up!