Ticketmaster Australia has launched two new products to further enhance the ticket buying experience for high-impact and popular events – Smart Queue and Waiting List.

Smart Queue gives fans the fairest ticket buying journey, rewarding the keenest fans with first access to tickets while also weeding out bots in the process. Prior to an onsale, the pre-queue is opened, and fans can join the “waiting room”. These fans will then be placed in the queue first. 

Smart Queue’s innovative technology allows Ticketmaster to further protect tickets against bots by slowing their progress and allowing our support teams to identify and remove them when they’re in the Smart Queue, before they’re able to snap up tickets. This is another way Ticketmaster is ensuring tickets get into the hands of real fans.

The whole process is extremely transparent so that fans know exactly where their place is in the queue and a good estimate of how much longer their expected wait time is. 

Once they reach the front of the queue, they can then check out as normal.

Once an event sells out, it can be hard to gauge fan demand for another show. That’s where Ticketmaster’s Waiting List comes in.

This new technology removes the guessing game while ensuring dedicated fans are the first to know when a new show or additional tickets for a sold-out tour or artist is announced. With this feature enabled, when purchasing tickets, instead of getting a “no tickets left” message, fans will be encouraged to sign up to the Waiting List.

This tool can not only assist in further tour planning, but it also allows Ticketmaster to contact fans about new ticket releases and show announcements as they happen. Reducing fan disappointment and also helping our clients sell more tickets to those who want them most. 

For more information on Smart Queue and Waiting Lists, please contact your Ticketmaster Representative.