The major focus for the app update is to improve the user experience when searching for events, purchasing tickets, managing customer accounts and accessing events. Ticketmaster always aims to provide the user with a seamless customer journey; this was a key goal when updating Ticketmaster’s free app.

Users will see many new benefits and improvements including a slick and stylish new look and feel. The homepage has been redesigned with an easy-to-use layout that is fresh and engaging while also allowing for easier navigation.

It is now easier to purchase tickets with new ‘Swipe to Buy’ functionality allowing customers to buy tickets more easily than before in multiple locations within the app. When searching for events via Ticketmaster’s app, customers can easily select the number of tickets and ticket type on the Event Information Page.  The number of tickets and ticket types are prominently displayed with a large ‘Find Tickets’ button.

The Event Information Page also has a very user-friendly menu bar that includes a seat map display, add to calendar button, artists section, venue tab and accessibility button. Each Event Information Page also features a star button that allows customers to easily add the event to their favourites.

Once events are listed in a customer’s favourites, they can swipe left on any event to select the number of tickets they want to purchase.  It is yet another way Ticketmaster’s app has become more user-friendly while also making it easier to purchase event tickets. 

All events on the Ticketmaster app now include additional details on the Event Information Page. Users can quickly see additional information such as location and parking information by clicking the ‘i’ button in the orders section.

Additional improvements include better filtering options, a favourites button that displays in the menu bar to assist customers to manage their favourites more easily as well as ‘Rate My App’ functionality.  The new app design also allows users to reserve seats before they need to sign into their account.  

Overall, the new updates will make the Ticketmaster app more user-friendly and engaging for the user, which is beneficial for both customers and clients.

If you haven’t downloaded Ticketmaster’s free app get to the app store and do it now!