When tickets to see one of the biggest rock bands in the world go on sale you want Ticketmaster on your side with the world’s largest ticketing agency powering the online sales.

Ticketmaster recently enabled a major, high-impact on sale for the Foo Fighters at Etihad Stadium, nib Stadium, the Derwent Entertainment Centre and New Zealand’s Mt Smart Stadium as well as major presales for the same venues two days prior.

As expected, demand for the Foo Fighters was immense with tens of thousands of tickets selling for each venue in a very short space of time. Ticketmaster’s website is superior to any other ticketing site in Australia and New Zealand and can handle up to 200,000 concurrent browsers and up to 2400 transactions. The sites effortlessly fulfilled the demand for tickets for the Foo Fighters.

Ticketmaster has extensive experience facilitating major on sales in multiple markets and with the same technology that services major on sales in larger markets such as the USA and United Kingdom, Ticketmaster is the best choice for promoters, venues and events.

Another major benefit of Ticketmaster’s superior online capabilities is the fact that ticket sales for other events remain unaffected despite a major onsales such as the Foo Fighters. Even though Ticketmaster’s website receives a huge amount of traffic for major onsales, a customer who visits Ticketmaster.com.au to purchase tickets for a different event can do so seamlessly.

The Foo Fighters are one of the biggest bands in the world and have a reputation for being an incredible live act. Their popularity and the expectation of an incredible performance resulted in huge demand for tickets.

With the exception of Derwent Entertainment Centre, each of the venues holds tens of thousands of people. There’s not too many acts around the world that can fill venues with the capacity of Etihad Stadium – recent examples would include ACDC, Coldplay and Taylor Swift – but the Foo Fighters are well on track to achieve it.