Big Brothers Big Sisters has been in Australia for more than 30 years and in that time has helped tens of thousands of young people find acceptance, guidance and friendship. Many of the young people involved with the organisation have faced serious adversity, but the connection with a positive role model has helped to break the cycle of disadvantage.

Ticketmaster’s Managing Director, Maria O’Connor, knows firsthand the value of Big Brother Big Sisters. She has been a Board Member since 2006 and is a passionate supporter of the organisation having acted as a role model for kids.

But like all charities, the organisation can’t operate without the generous support of members of the public. Donations, whether large or small, go a long way to helping young people in the community. On average, 90% of every dollar donated goes directly to making and supporting matches between ‘littles’ and ‘bigs’.

Ticketmaster is pleased to announce Big Brothers Big Sisters will receive additional support through the generosity of Disney’s The Lion King. All online ticket purchasers will be given an opportunity to make a donation to the organisation when purchasing tickets to The Lion King at Melbourne’s Regent Theatre.

Ticketmaster has facilitated an ‘Add to Your Order’ element for The Lion King that enables attendees to add a small or large donation at the time of purchase. Patrons can add donations in varying amounts by selecting any number of $5, $10 or $50 donations. The initiative highlights the commitment of both The Lion King and Ticketmaster to give back to local communities and support Australia’s youth.

Big Brother Big Sisters knows mentoring vulnerable children builds brighter futures for them and their community. As well as greater confidence in school work and better relationships with family, the organisation has found mentored youths are 52% less likely to skip school, which has an obvious impact on the future of the young people involved in the program.

As well as many other charities, Ticketmaster employees actively work to raise funds for Big Brothers Big Sisters through staff activities such as social events, staff morning teas, fun runs and other fundraisers. All Ticketmaster employees are encouraged to actively engage in philanthropic activities, which is demonstrated by Maria’s involvement with Big Brothers Big Sisters.

For more information about the inspiring work of Big Brothers Big Sisters in Australia, visit their website: Donations can be also be online via the organisation’s website.